The CAVE technology that we provide create an immersive virtual reality environment. Projectors are directed to three, four, five or all of the six walls of a room-sized cube using  rear projection technology.CAVE’s are tailored to fit the customer’s exact requirements.Immersive surround 3D audio is integrated.

The user goes inside the CAVE wearing glasses. He can see objects floating and can walk around them getting a complete view of what the real object will look like when he walks around it.

His movements inside the CAVE are usually completely tracked.

Configuration of control input devices can be customized – from  game controllers to fully  integrated tracking.


3D Cave project – Zvolen

Project of virtual cave, , which we created at Technical Univerzity of Zvolen, represents special device for visualization of natural and technical objects in form of immersive and interactive virtual reality.Device serves for the purposes of research, education and public relations.Project goal is to expand research and development for posibilities of investigation the objects in virtual reality enviroment.It is possible to examine natural objects, for example forest and country or technical objects, for example wood-processing, engineering and building products, whether whole manufacturing technologies and halls.It helps to improve and rejuvinate development and design as well as forming new methods and technologies for collecting and processing of data, whether to optimalisation of managing objects. Device also provides enique options for simulations of processes in forest and country.


How is our cave look likeVirtual cave represents block without one wall. Missing wall is used for entrance. Projectors are situated from outside and they synchronously light up the walls of the block, what creates feeling of compact enviroment around the observer. Dimensions of side walls are 3 x 2,25 meters. Dimensions of the ceiling and floor are 3 x 3 meters. Dual projector projection is used for each side wall. Observer has 3D glasses on eyes which provides image with 3D depth.

Difference between the shape of projected image and shape of wall is solved by coverage with doubled number of projectors. Appliance of around space is optimalised by usage of projection mirrors. In the space of device is situated speaker system 5+1 for achieving surround sound. Projectors are connected to computer cluster with appropriate imaging software. In the space of cave is situated console computer for controlling the whole system. Controll of movement is performed using Joystick and Space pilot in hands of observer.


Projection walls are formed with special plastic plates, designated for reverse projection. Floor is reinforced with safety glass, in order to allow the movement inside the block. Whole construction of block is lifted whereupon for entrance into cave space stairs were builded. For projection on walls 14 projectors are used. Imaging cluster contains eight computers.

Seven of these computers are dedicated to rendering of image for individual walls in stereoscopic mode and one is master. Computers contains high-performance graphic cards for providing smooth rendering. Another computer serves as a remote console for controlling display system and synchronously for recieving instructions from user. Stereoscopic system INFITEC is used. User has special glasses on eyes with device for detecting the position in the space. Position of observer serves for correct conversion of projected images and stereoscopic sensation against observer.


Lots of possibilities

Virtual Cave allows you to change the configuration to suit the space and financial conditions of the customer, and you can change the number of screening walls, stereoscopic technology as well as the materials of the projection cubes themselves.