3D Cinema

widescreenOne of our core activities is to supply turn-key installations of 3D cinema environments able to handle large and complex 3D stereo projection formats together with user interactivity. Our software enables us to provide 3D cinema on flat or large curved panoramic screens.Sample 3D cinema installation: six projectors, three projectors for each eye, passive stereo, 12m cylindrical screen, surround 3D audio, operator console.Projection systems can be supplied with the following embedded technologies :

  • Infitec
  • Chromadepth
  • polarization
  • anaglyph

3D cinema installations can be tailored for:

  • front projection
  • rear projection
  • curved projection surface management
  • edge blending
  • warping
  • diagonal image from 2 meters to 15 meters and more
  • specialized types of projection
  • Seamless mangement of 3D input devices (3D mouse, haptics, motion capture, …)

3D cinema – Jedlikova 9
Our company has supplied technology for 3D cinema located in the college.
This cinema makes the 3D technology available for the students, so they can use it for projects in their study.For the 3D cinema was chosen the passive 3D projection with linear polarization. The official launch date: 29/12/2010.For the attractiveness of this technology is the 3D cinema frequently used since it is open.

3D cinema – Jedlikova 93D cinema – Jedlikova 93D cinema – Jedlikova 93D cinema – Jedlikova 9