3D Classrooms

Classroom supporting the 3D virtual reality

Within the projects of European funds, our company has supplied the technology of virtual reality and 3D projections for the classroom of the Department of Biophysics, University UPJŠ Košice.It consists of passive polarization projections with two projectors and a special canvas.To control the movement was used the Patriot track system from Polhemus in conjunction with a virtual glove.The entire system will be used in conjunction with VMD software, running on a powerful cluster which allows visualizing the “chemical bonds of molecules and atoms.”
3D Classrooms3D Classrooms
Faculty of medicine of Pavol Jozef Šafárik University
3D enabled virtual-reality classroomsExisting classrooms can be upgraded to 3D virtual reality classrooms without loss of eventual pre-existing 2D functionality.Sample project 1: Faculty of medicine of Pavol Jozef Šafárik UniversityA stereoscopic projection system using polarization method was installed for visualization of 3D medical datasets in a classroom already equipped with 2D projection.The 3D screen is an electrically operated system that can be unrolled on demand.Existing 2D projection system remains fully functional.Salient features of the add-on 3D installation:

  • high-perforance cluster for visualization of 3D volumic data
  • Metadata support
  • Customer-specific control panel

3D Classrooms3D Classrooms
Technical University of Kosice
Sample project 2:  Technical University of KosiceA 3D classroom was designed for education in interactive, immersive 3D graphics,Salient features:

  • stereo 3D projection by polarization method
  • Ceiling-mounted projectors
  • 3D software packages adapted for education
  • Control panel with Space Pilot

3D Classrooms