Immersive visualizations of CAD data

One of our support services include conversion of data from different CAD systems to 3D graphical models and their subsequent visualization and post-treatment (real-time, respectively photorealistic).

We process various CAD data formats, but the most common include:

  • PDMS
  • Autocad
  • Catia

If the model is created only in 2D space (most often Autocad), we have a team of experts able to create a 3D model based on these data.

To ensure the best quality for the 3D model after data conversion, we offer post-processing steps that can integrate to input data additional information extracted from:

  • the use of additional data from photos, videos, drawings
  • the use of 3D laser scaning
  • treatment of converted model itself (eliminating possible errors in the model)
  • completing the model of the surrounding environment
  • texture and colour the objects in the model (closer to the real appearance)
  • optimization of the model

After the creation of the 3D model, it is possible to print it out in 3D or 2D in the required quality. Displaying  the 3D model using projection equipment and advanced 3D stereoscopic display technologies, gives the opportunity to percieve depth and comphend the layout of equipments and objects in real space.