LARA – Laboratory Assessment and Risk Analysis

LARA is an integrated risk management methodology developed for research laboratories by the Group of Chemical and Physical Safety (ISIC-GSCP) of the Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering; and the Occupational Safety and Health (SB-SST) of the School of Basic Sciences at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.



This new methodology for complex risk analysis exhibits multifunctionality allowing to identify hazards, assess and evaluate risks in response to emerging and increasing accidents concerns.

LARA offers the possibility to prioritize risks based on a criticity index combining several parameters (severity, worsening factors, hazard exposure, rate of accident, research specificities, hazard detectability and risk perception) allowing to implement and quantify corrective measures to reduce or mitigate the risk.



LARA is an intuitive and friendly user tool for decision making, based on an interdisciplinary approach. Unlike other methods of risk analysis, it mobilizes less time, human and financial resources.