3D CAVE, Technical University, Zvolensvk
Our brand new 3d CAVE project on the Technical University in Zvolen. A special device for visualisation of natural and technical objects in form of immersive and interactive virtual reality.

3D Solutions F.Z.E, Ajman, United Arab Emiratesuae
Luxury installation of 3D presentation rooms with rear projection systems, 3D displays, realtime interactive walkthroughs in urban environments, multimedia support

TBS (Television Broadcasting)/Totsu, Japanjapan
3D scanning of golf greens, complex data-processing of scanned 3D data, 3D modelling of greens with topographic accuracy for video retransmisson of national golf tournaments (Panasonic Open Gold Tournament 2009).

Research laboratory at Technical University in Košice eu
Turn-key supply of complex research laboratory of virtual reality and 3D technologies. Project realized under EU funds.

3D Visualization and process performance analysis of petrol tanks using 3D. Petrol tanks where projected and built by Energocontrol in Cuba.

Carlbro, Denmarkdanmark
Real-time 3D visualization of petroleum tanker designed for transport of liquified petroleum gas. 3D Visualization of PDMS CAD data.

ADNOC, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates uae
3D visualization (photos, video) of Ruwais residential construction project.

3D Scan Solutions, Indiaindia
Preparation of 3D projects: Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, 3D projection environments for amusement park, real-estate visualization, business-center marketing through photo-realistic 3D visualization.

JCP Marketing et Communication SA, Switzerlandswiss
Supply of 3D mobile projection units and autostereoscopic displays, creation of complex 3D animations and videos.

GDD – RUJP, Japanjapan
3D visualization of cave under the Fuji volcano. Digital preservation of Japan’s geographical heritage. 3D laser scan data processing and modelling.

McDonalds/Consulting Energy Controlswiss
Real-time power consumption data processing, charting and visualization for national network of 150 restaurants. Program and design created in cooperation with JCP.

Technical University in Košicesvk
Turn-key supply of research laboratory in 3D computer graphics for Technical University in Košice

Faculty of Medicine P. J. Šafárik, Košicesvk
Turn-key delivery of 3D technology center to support teaching and research at medical school (large 3D projection environment, 3D camera system, 3D desktop work station, 3D visualization of complex medical datasets, interactive volumic visualization applied to medical data)

Heating plant Teko, Košicesvk
Interactive real-time 3D visualization of the planned upgrade and revamp of powerplant. Delivery of physical model generated through 3D prototype printing.

Industry & Project Engineering s.r.o, Michalovcesvk
Collaborative and interactive 3D visualization of most of their engineering projects. Real-time walkthroughs, 3D scan data analysis, point-cloud and 3D data-processing.

Chemko Strážske svk
3D visualization of the planned reconstruction of a hotel Chemik.

3D cinema – Jedlíkova 9, Košicesvk
Our company has supplied technology for 3D cinema located in the college. This cinema makes the 3D technology available for the students, so they can use it for projects in their study.

Visualization of the elevator cab for company Slovimex. Creation of static render and subsequently a video presentation.

House Developmentsvk
Visualization of the interior and exterior of residential building House Development, rapid prototyping, photo, video

Visualization Hradovásvk
Visualization for the project of revitalization of the castle on the hill Hradová in Košice – investment project within the European Capital of Culture 2013