RVM Suite – PDMS Viewer

RVM Suite - PDMS Viewer

RVM Suite is a powerful solution which lets AVEVA PDMS users to visualize large and complex models in high performance interactive rendering environment.
RVM Suite offers:

RVM Suite - PDMS Viewer
  • High-performance 3D model rendering and walk-through
  • Large model support
  • Load geometry and attribute data from an AVEVA PDMS RVM file and DUMP attributes
  • High-quality graphical realism with lighting
  • Various 3D stereoscopic viewing support
  • Simple easy-to-use interface
  • Advanced input devices support

RVM Suite consists of two separate software tools – RVM Converter and Viewer.


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Released versions

version 0.95

  • First test release.

version 0.99

  • PDMS attributes support.
  • Added “Show All”, “Align X”, “Align Y”, “Align Z”.
  • Improved FLY navigation mode.
  • Toolbar customization.
  • Screenshot support.
  • Model structure popup menu.

version 1.01

  • Added simple measuring.
  • Preferences for selection and background color, level of transparency.
  • Added mouse hover tooltip.
  • Added wireframe and hidden-line rendering modes.

version 1.10

  • New rendering core.
  • Moved to project style file handling.
  • Added default projects directory to preferences.

version 1.11

  • Added geometry files revisioning.
  • File revision switch.