SuperEngineSuperEngine is a robust, high performance imaging system capable of displaying large data sets in real time. It is suitable for reviewing CAD data, representing customer’s vision of project, creating virtual manuals, organizing promotional activities as well as playback of 3D multi-media. The software is enabled to run in different mono and stereo 3D modes.Performance of the system can be greatly increased by operation in cluster mode. The scripting language is Ruby, which allows the user to create complex animations and add to the functionality of the system without software modifications.Superengine enables the synchronized view of the model in mulitple displays located in remote offices and can be used for 3D videoconference. It is designed for networked collaborative team-work. Superengine is the ideal tool for developing virtual reality applications.


The composition of the system:

Actual version of the system

1.94e Calisto from 3.4.2013

Rendering speed

20 millions of triangles at 30 frames / second in stereoscopic mode

Display modes

  • 2D
  • 3D anaglyph
  • 3D left-right
  • 3D Philips WOWvx
  • 2D+depth
  • 3D active stereo

Input formats

  • bin
  • vrml objects
  • obj
  • 3ds
  • CAD data formats

Basic functions of the system

  • real-time visualization of the object
  • 2D/3D video/images playback
  • function 3D slideshow for easy creation of presentations
  • Support of 3D conference call
  • Live 3D video stream display
  • model hierarchy handling
  • Ruby program script support
  • synchronized functioning of two systems through network
  • Metadata display support
  • control of hardware elements (lighting, mits at. )
  • 3D sound support
  • Cluster installtion support

Possibilities of movement controls

  • SpaceMouse
  • VR gloves
  • Tracking devices

Scripting language


Functional architecture:

3D core

The core of the software consists of 3 parts: Remote Console allows remote control of the system. Video Renderer renders and manages the visualization part. This part can be used several times on separate computers, depending on the configuration.Control Center gives access to the complete functionality of the system. It is controlled by a console and manages the operation and configuration of the renderers.

Object tree manipulation

This module enables hierarchical display of individual models.

Metadata enhancing

This module ensures that metadata associated with each model and its parts can be displayed and modified.

3D multimedia support

Support for multimedia content in stereoscopic mode.

Network teamwork

Module for collaborative teamwork and remote collaboration.

Enhanced 3D interfaces

Support for a wide range of virtual reality input devices.

HW control

Module for control of electrical and mechanical parts of the projections (blackout, lights, screen, etc.)

3D sound

Support for surround sound.

3D Video Conferencing

Module for compatibility with video-conferencing system ViEVO.


Module allowing more display units for preview, multiview rendering and rendering in very high resolution.

LR cluster

Lightweight version of cluster solution which supports rendering of each eye on a separate computer.

Philips Wow edition

Version with support of 2D+depth and WOWvx output format.